About Mehetta Bammies

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Healthy, plant-based, home-made goodness.

About Mehetta Bammies - This is us
Our Story Begins with…


Our kind and loving Jamaican grandmother who cared for and nourished our family with wholesome foods from the earth.

It was the touch of her hands, the aroma of the outdoor oven and the deep connection to her grandmother that inspired Donna Gardner, founder of Mehetta Bammies to continue the legacy and tradition of feeding others with fresh, hand made bammies.

Natural home-made goodness

Mehetta Bammies

Today, the Mehetta Bammies we love and crave, are simple as they were then – a nutritious flatbread made from only cassava (yuca or manioc) infused with natural herbs and spices. That’s it!

Honouring our traditions and inspired by the fond memories of Mehetta we are fiercely committed to using only natural ingredients that you can identify and pronounce.

It is the way bammies should be made…

Fresh. Filler free. Exquisite in every bite.



Donna Gardner is the founder owner of Taste of Jamaica. Born and raised in Manchester, Jamaica, she migrated to Canada and after over 15 years in the Human Resources Profession, Donna realized that cooking was her passion and decided to follow her dream. There is a saying in Jamaica, “You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the Country out of the girl”. Her days growing up in the Countryside of Manchester Jamaica is where her love of cooking began. Working alongside her grandmother making bammies, harvesting, cooking, roasting and enjoying the fruits of their labor has left an impression on her that she has carried to this day. It remains the foundation for what drives her today.

Her entrepreneurial drive and desire to replicate authentic and traditional Jamaican food led to the opening of Taste of Jamaica in 2019. Though Donna spends most of her time making bammies and cooking great Jamaican street food, in her spare time, she loves volunteering in her community, entertaining, event planning and staying on top of culinary trends.